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AS400 Link

AS400 Link

IBM i: A platform for innovators, by innovators

Home page for AS/400 (IBM i) on the IBM web site.

Knowledge Center

IBM Knowledge Center home page from which you can select all the manuals of the AS/400 system divided by operating system release (in Italian).

Newsgroup about Narkive/

Technical newsgroup for AS/400 (in Italian)


Information site about the AS/400 system (in Italian). It contains Blogs, Forums and technical information pages about the system. It contains information on the organization of conferences and meetings on the AS/400 system.


Former Magazine “IBMSystemsMagazine” on IBM systems and in particular for AS/400.

Public IBM i

A free public space on an AS/400 for testing and training.

You can register and connect to an AS/400 to practice with this environment.

Twitter Account of Steve Will

Twitter account of Steve Will, IBM Chief Architect for “IBM i” (AS/400).

On his Twitter profile, Steve publishes news about the latest trends and news of the “IBM i” platform and Power processors (used by IBM i).


Site of technical and commercial articles on the IBM i system (AS/400).