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Updates for the software Validoc are listed in this page. These are released regularly by Record Informatica.

The clients that purchase Validoc and that sign up for the maintenance contract can download it for free by clicking here.

Click here (italian version) to read a document that explains the reasons why it is so important to activate a contract of maintenance on the purchased software.

Date Description
18th June 2020 New Document Management functions created from the AS/400 prints.
19th March 2018 Creation of B2B and free format XML. Electronic Signature functionality.
14th June 2017 New Barcode2D module for Two-dimensional barcodes. Multiple SMTP for email sending.
13th December 2016 New Digital Sign module for digital signature. Authomatic attach to the emails of network documents.
23rd February 2016 Deployments for compatibility with Windows 10
8th October 2014 New PDF name functions and XML-PA Module (XML for Public Administration).
25th January 2014 Management of double byte fonts (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc…)
16th September 2013 New PJL functions for finishing and for printer options
7th February 2013 Dynamic images in print
10th April 2012 Server SMTP dynamic selection
(4.5.0 Gestore PC and 4.5.0 Validoc AS/400)
5th Dcember 2011 Upgrade to the send functions SSL – PEC (italian version).
5th Dcember 2011 Interface in English language for Designer.

(3.1.6 Designer)

5th Dcember 2011 Management of the numerator spool over 4 digits.
(4.4.4 Validoc AS/400)
4th November 2011 Multiple e-mail attachments type management (single files, composites, zipped)
(4.4.3 Validoc AS/400 – 4.4.1 Gestore PC )
3rd October 2011 Implemented Designer functions (List sorting Overlay, rotation and object alignment)
(3.1.5 Designer)
10th July 2011 Improved visualisation of conditional actions in the Designer
(3.1.4 Designer)
10th June 2011 Improved visualisation of the remap in the Designer and improved recalculation speed.

(3.1.3 Designer)

10th June 2011 English language for the video interface on AS/400
(4.4.2 Validoc AS/400)
24th March 2011 Implemented the Postal module.
(4.4.1 Validoc AS/400)