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Validoc’s PDF-Tiff module converts AS/400 prints (iSeries – System i – IBM i) with graphics, into PDF files and stores these documents on network folders.

The folder can be generated at the moment if it does not exist, and the generated file names are parameterizable in various modes.

Da stampe AS/400 a PDF

It is therefore possible, by operating on the names of the destination folders and the names of the files to generate an organized storage of the saved documents.

Organizzazione salvataggio PDF

You can split the spool file according to various break types and automatically generate multiple PDF or Tiff files from a single AS400 print (iSeries – System i – IBM i).

The creation of PDF or Tiff files can be conditioned by various situations, set by the user, and controlled by Validoc in the AS/400 environment.

The PDF files thus produced can be set to have different levels of resolution, to present the text inside the file as either image or text and to secure the document via password, by restricting visualization, modification or both.

The graphics of the PDF file is compressed using the JBIG2 mode.

The files can be saved within standard, password protected ZIP files and with various compression levels of the ZIP.

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