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Validoc’s Extract XML module allows you to derive XML files from AS/400 spool (iSeries – System i – IBM i) without any programming.

By providing the appropriate information, you can obtain an XML file by populating the TAG of the structure with the data in the AS400 spool (if you are interested in XML SEPA streams click here).

In particular, the module allows you to obtain XML files suitable for creating and sending your invoice, in electronic format, to the Public Administration (B2G) or to private individuals (B2B).

For this type of XML file, the whole part of the structure definition, in accordance with the specifications provided by the Public Administration, is already provided.

The user only needs to indicate which portions of the print to take to highlight the elements of the XML file.

There is also the possibility of formatting the data appropriately to present them in the required form (dates and numbers).

Starting from the printing (spool) of the invoice it is therefore possible to obtain an XML file that can then be signed and sent to the PA or to another company (B2B).

XML da stampe AS/400

If some of the fields required for XML preparation are not obtainable from the print, it is possible to acquire data from external sources through simple exit programs. You can also insert constants.

The resulting XML file can be saved to the AS400’s Integrated File System (IFS) or to a network folder.

Attachments to XML-PA/B2B file.

The XML file for PA (or B2B) can have attachments (PDF, TXT, ZIP, etc.) to be embedded in the XML file itself and encoded in Base64. These attachments must have a name and some optional information.

To load attachments into the XML file, Validoc provides a specific utility that allows you to search for the attachment in the local network and insert it into the XML without knowing anything about the Base64 encoding.

Inserimento allegati in XML

Signature, Delivery and Storage

Record Informatica can also provide you with the solution for signing, sending to PA/B2B and replacement storage to complement the XML file produced by your AS400 or provide you with the equivalent solution via outsourcing.

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