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With Validoc Designer, you can manage AS/400 graphic prints in workgroups.

Designer has specific functions to allow you to share AS/400 print inputs within workgroups.

Each technician can use Validoc Designer on his PC, as well as work on projects developed by other technicians.

The implementations performed on prints related to a specific AS/400 can be exported to other print projects related to other AS/400.

You can divide your inputs on the prints according to the AS/400 on which you work, the customers for whom you are working or according to the ERP on which you are working.

In this way it becomes easy to recycle graphics and inputs already made for other AS/400s or for other customers.

These functions are particularly useful for software houses or freelancers who need to manage different customers, remotely or in presence.

They can be very valid also for CED where you intervene on multiple AS/400 or on the same AS/400 but on different environments (information systems).

Collaborative print management makes it possible to speed up print editing in heterogeneous environments.

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