Upgrade AS/400 prints using Barcodes

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Do you want to automatically assign codes, numbers, dates in your company instead of typing them from the keyboard?

Barcode technology is for you.

Print them on retrieval or inventory lists, retrieval vouchers, box or pallet labels and you can then use optical readers to read the data, reducing typing errors and speeding up operations.

Printing them from the AS/400 (iSeries – IBM i), on A4 sheets using a laser printer or on labels with thermal printers, however, is not always easy.

Basically, the operating system, the languages and the support for printing (Printer file, DDS, etc.) do not offer anything about it.

In order to use them, you must use external products or additional hardware and software.

VALIDOC allows you to easily carry out the printing of Barcodes via laser printers, starting from portions of text contained in the AS400 spool, without performing any programming activities and without having to learn anything about the mechanisms, sometimes complex, to be respected to obtain a perfectly readable barcode.

Numerous Barcode families are supported, from the simplest (such as “Code 3 of 9” or “Interleaved 2 of 5”) to the most articulated and complex (such as EAN, UPC, UCC, EAN 128, etc.).

Validoc Printing also prints two-dimensional barcodes (2D) PDF417. Click here to read the italian version of the PDF417 page.

The functions of Validoc for the generation of barcodes include the calculation of the possible control characters (“Check Digit“) required by the various symbologies, the insertion of start/stop characters and other particular information formatting options (like the SCC14 and SSCC18 codes).

For the “check digit”, depending on the type of barcode, different calculation mechanism must be applied.

Validoc makes this problem transparent by creating the check digit characters using the correct algorithm.

The “human readable”, that is the possibility foreseen by some barcodes to also print the value in letters, can be set in a simple way during the definition phase of the characteristics to use.

Validoc barcodes can be printed with various heights, thicknesses and sizes to suit your prints or labels.

If you need to print barcodes inside labels, and not inside A4 sheets, then Validoc’s “Label” module can be useful.

For a complete exposition of the functions of Validoc, the “Barcode2D” module or the “Label” module, we invite you to read the PDF document below.