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In this page you can find some testimonials about the use of Validoc by our customers.

Speaking here are the EDP managers of our client companies. They are those who use Validoc daily to solve the printing-related problems of their companies.

Their opinion is therefore particularly relevant and meaningful.

Andrea P. – IT Manager Difarco

logo Difarco

“We chose Validoc to realize a graphic printing project from AS/400, initially, quite targeted. Using it we realized the large number of functions and the solidity of the product and we have extended its use significantly. Today we make prints with dozens of different graphics for the many customers of our logistics center. We print more than one million pages a year with Validoc in our network of AS/400 systems, we create the PDF of the prints and the shipment to the customers of the document by e-mail. The use of Validoc started slowly but today this software is fundamental to our operation.”

Founded in 1979 with the aim of providing storage, storage and distribution services for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Difarco (from Distribuzione Farmaceutici e Cosmetici) is now one of the four companies (together with Difarco Real, Phardis and Stock House Italia Logistic) of a single group that operate as partners of national and international companies in the Pharmaceutical/ Cosmetic sector. (www.difarco.it).

Luisa B. – IT Manager Euro Motors Italia

“The Validoc software allowed us to easily print our AS/400 documents on a laser printer. Its Print Design tools allowed us to independently create the graphic structure of the print and the adaptation of the text. We have then easily arranged the conversion of the print to PDF and its structured saving in the local network. The document delivery via email phase has also been set up quickly and flexibly.”

EURO MOTORS ITALIA is a company specialized in the production of electric motors and fan units for refrigeration and air conditioning”. The fan units produced by Euro Motors represent about 50% of the current production of FAN COILS in Europe and, for this reason, it is possible to qualify the company as the first European manufacturer in the sector (www.euromotorsitalia.net).

Paolo G. – IT Manager OMS Group

“We use Validoc with satisfaction to realize our prints, in black and white or in color, from AS/400 systems on laser printer. I think it is easy, robust and reliable software that never causes us any problems. I can only recommend it.”

OMS GROUP is a leader in the development and manufacture of packaging equipment. The group is made up, in addition to the parent company, of 10 companies operating in the National territory, in Europe and in the American and Asian continent. OMS GROUP in Italy consists of 4 independent operating companies. (www.omsspa.com).

Danilo C. – IT Manager Supermercati Isa

“We found  the Validoc software to be a simple and powerful tool to migrate from continuous form prints to laser printing. The print component, AS/400 native, easily manages our large print volumes. The printing of the EAN128 barcode, which is fundamental to us, was implemented with simplicity and immediacy.”

The ISA spa Group is a group specialized in the distribution of food and other products in Sardinia. It consists of companies operating in different sectors of the economy: wholesale and retail distribution, industrial production, services and agriculture. With a modern and widespread sales network, it supplies hundreds of affiliated stores and is a leader in the organized distribution in Sardinia (www.isaspa.it).