Send documents by post without folding, bagging and franking

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The Validoc POSTAL module for AS/400 systems (iSeries – System i – IBM i) allows you to send documents by traditional mail without having to do the long and expensive processes of: printing, folding, bagging, franking and delivery to the post office.

POSTAL allows you to have a complete and automated way to send PDF files accompanied by graphics of your company documents (invoices, orders, reminders, etc.) through ordinary mail.

Once produced, the company documents in PDF are packed in batches and sent electronically to a specialized company that will, in your place, print the documents, fold them, insert them in envelopes, frank and deliver them to Poste Italiane for delivery to their recipients.

In this way, the time wasted for all these manual operations that the staff periodically has to perform is eliminated. Bagging or postage machines are also eliminated.

The cost of paper, toner and printer wear disappears.

The company that acquires and mails your documents requires payment for this service, but that cost is much lower than the cost that the company would face, taking into account the costs of consumables and operator time, to carry out the operations of preparation for the shipment in house.

The company that performs these operations, by operating on large volumes, has access to the “posta massiva” tariff, which is much cheaper than the priority mail tariff.

Validoc’s POSTAL module allows you to drastically reduce the preparation time of documents to be sent by traditional mail and make substantial savings.

Click here to read the document that explains in detail how postalization works (italian version).

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