Send AS/400 spools via fax

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Validoc Fax is the module that automates the sending of AS/400 prints (iSeries – System i – IBM i) via fax.

The module works in conjunction with the PDF-TIFF module, capturing the prints converted into TIFF documents and sending them via fax.

Fax da AS400

The recipient’s phone number is set on the AS400 with parametric acquisition mechanics similar to those for generating PDF-TIFF module PC file names.

The acquisition of the name of the person and the sending and receiving companies, the subject of the fax and the text of the comment for the composition of the cover page are managed in a similar way.

The composition of the cover page can be configured with language management and the insertion of the corporate logo.

During sending, the module manages the attempts up to a number chosen by the user.

Super G3 (italian version) transmission mode is supported.

You can send the prints to the fax program with an indication of the shipping time or have them sent immediately.

The prints can be sent to Validoc Fax in suspended state; the prints then wait to be sent until the user gives an explicit command.

The transmission status query program allows you to print the shipment log and visualize the fax, including the cover page.

For the purpose of certifying the sending, it is also possible to print the receipt of the dispatch including the thumbnail of the first page.

Those who need the certification of the sending can consider sending via PEC as an alternative. Click here (italian version) for details.

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