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To check if the e-mails and faxes of your AS/400 prints (iSeries – System i – IBM i) prepared by Validoc have been successfully sent, you can use the mail status query program.

The program works in PC network and offers you the display in grid format of all the items sent or in progress.

The data that is displayed identifies the sending, including date/time, AS400 user, sender and recipient email addresses, the name of attached files, etc.

The program allows you to set up display filters so that a supervisor user can see all sendings, while normal users can view and intervene only on theirs.

The program tells you the status of the sending: sent, to be transmitted, sending in progress or suspended.

It allows you to release emails or faxes created in a sleep state for sending.

You can change the recipient’s email address or fax number if the shipment has not yet taken place, is suspended or has already taken place.

It allows you to resend the email and verify the causes of any missed sendings.

The program also allows you to view the attachment (the document from AS/400) and attach additional documents from the PC network before releasing the shipment.

It allows you to create users and associate the display filter and data display order for each.

It allows you to select the order of the columns of the data shown so that you place the most significant ones for you at the beginning.

You can indicate, at the user level, whether it can delete sendings or not.

Validoc allows you to examine the result of the sending on the AS/400 system, too. Click here (italian version) to read how this option works.