Producing Document Search Keys with Validoc

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The use of a document management software represents the most functional destination of documents produced with Validoc starting from AS400 prints.

In document management, all business documents are indexed and grouped to allow users to search for them. To obtain this result, each document must be matched with its search keys (also called “tags” or “indexes”).

For each type of managed document, Validoc allows you to extract the document itself in PDF and its search keys to the document management software.

Extraction of the search keys happens at the creation of the PC document. The keys can be found with the classic approach of Validoc, that is taking the values of the keys from the contents of the print, from fixed values, from external files or through the “exit program” call.

You can, therefore, also provide search keys that are not present on the document itself.

The key delivery can be set flexibly and depending on the document. For each type of managed document, it is possible to provide lists of different keys.

Normally, document management products acquire keys from text files with separator characters (also CR+LF). It’s in this mode that Validoc provides the key data. You can have differentiated key archives for each document or increasable unique archives.

An alternative for providing keys is the name of the PDF file. It is possible to compose the PDF file name so that its parts (separated by underscore character) represent the keys themselves. The document management software will break down the name in its various parts to find the keys.

Validoc, therefore, is open to interface with any document management product. Record Informatica is available to evaluate connection modes based on different tools such as XML key delivery archives or Web Service interface.