Multiple companies and branches: divided paths to increase efficiency

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  If you have more than one company to manage on your AS/400 system (iSeries – System i – IBM i) you will most  likely want print outputs, PDF conversions and e-mail/fax mailings to be treated differently.

If you have several branches in the country or abroad, you probably want each branch to manage the creation of its own PDF documents and that e-mails and faxes are sent from the place where the branches reside.

Validoc handles these issues.

Whether it is a “consolidation server” or you have an ASP service center, you will find more than one company, or more than one subsidiary, on the same AS400.

These use the same management programs while the “office” part is managed remotely by each individual company, or branch, which will be equipped with its own PC network.

Every single remote unit, then, will want to manage their PDF documents, made from AS/400 prints, without others being able to manipulate them; and to manage their fax/e-mail sendings from their place of residence.

It is therefore necessary to fulfill requests such as:

  • We want to easily condition the graphics to be applied to the prints depending on the company or branch that makes the print.”
  • “We don’t want our email and fax shipments to be delayed by sendings from other branches.”
  • “We want to pay the telephone cost of sending faxes from the place where the branch is located, not from the location where the AS400 resides.”

By providing the possibility of identifying the print as belonging to a company or subsidiary from the very first steps of the printing process, Validoc makes it possible to completely diversify the application of graphic components.

Validoc allows you to install the fax/e-mail sending gateway, without price difference, on every PC network of the companies/ branches, neatly separating the PDF conversion processes and sending email/ fax for each remote entity.