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In the process of sending emails to customers and suppliers, with an AS/400 document attached (a print made in the form of a PDF document), it is normal for a single AS/400 print to be attached to each email.

In some cases, however, you may want to attach multiple documents at once, grouping them into a single PDF or with separate PDFs.

With Validoc, this is possible.

The operation provides ways to determine the order in which the various prints should appear in the final PDF document, the criteria by which to group the prints and the timing according to which Validoc performs the bundling.

This function arises from the need of some companies not to modify their printing processes to carry out the grouping of prints on the AS/400 system itself.

An example of this is the reminder procedure.

Normally the reminder of payment is sent to customers with two/ three different prints inside. The first print of the file you send is the actual reminder letter. The second print is the account statement with the data of the unpaid batches (payments not made). In some cases, a third type of print is added: a copy of the unpaid invoice or invoices.

In business processes, these elements are not normally printed sequentially as part of a single print, but printed separately and then merged manually and inserted into a postal envelope.

Validoc, after splitting the prints, transforms them into PDF and allows you to group them by recipient creating a single document that contains the individual prints. In the case of the reminders mentioned above you would have a single PDF with Letter + statement + invoices for each recipient.

Alternatively, you can attach individual PDFs or a ZIP file containing all individual PDFs.