Extract data from AS/400 spools

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Validoc Extract is the module that allows you to extract data archives from AS/400 prints (iSeries – System i – IBM i).

You can extract archives in a CSV format that can be used with Excel, Access, or other PC programs.

To obtain this result, you must indicate which fields must be extracted from the print. Once the initial settings have been determined, a CSV file will be extracted each time you print (or according to the conditions indicated) and saved on the local network according to the rules provided on AS/400.

Estrazione dati da stampe AS/400

You can let Validoc perform an automatic extraction or manually define portions of the print to be extracted and their extraction conditions.

The first case applies to a temporary extraction that is then re-examined by eliminating the useless data (headings, comments, delimiting lines, etc.).

The second case applies to situations of repetitive extraction where a setting process is justified to obtain an already final result.

Estrazione dati da stampe AS/400

TXT Format

The Extract module allows you to save the AS/400 prints on PC in TXT format for processing with Word or other text editors.

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