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You can use Validoc’s Designer to draw the graphics to add to your AS/400 prints (iSeries – System i – IBM i).

Validoc’s Designer allows you to modify the AS/400 spool and the graphic to be matched and to immediately see the final result in a WYSIWG mode.

Designer allows you to carry out all the operations on the AS/400 spool and on the graphic in order to obtain the final result: the AS/400 print inclusive of the graphic in the correct size of the print’s sheet.

Designer acquires from AS/400 the sample spools of the prints that you want to manage.

You can move, copy, delete print portions (remapping) as well as add fixed text.

You can influence spool operations based on a large number of variable elements.

For the treatement of the graphic, Designer offers you the possibility to import logos and images and to place them on the printed area.

In this way, you can easily manage the transpromo (italian version) messages, too.

It allows you to draw rectangles and lines managing the stroke thickness and to enter texts and manage the font.

It allows you to apply barcodes of all types.

You can select the size of the printing area, the level of zoom and the parameters of the graphic objects.

You can define more than one target AS/400 to achieve multiple AS/400 management (companies with more than one AS/400, software house, consultants, etc.).

Thanks to its management tools, you can manipulate the AS/400 spool and adapt it to the drawn graphic or to modify the graphic to adapt it to the AS/400 spool.

The end result of spool/graphics matching will always be visible to you so you can fully control the process.

Once the realization is completed, Designer allows you to upload the job to AS/400 directly and without other operations than the press of a button.

Better realization and modification speed of the graphic prints is, in this way, guaranteed.

For a more in-depth overview of the features offered and to see screenshots of the application, we invite you to view the PDF file at the bottom of this page.

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