Dynamic images in business documents

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The most frequently produced documents (invoices, orders, etc.) do not normally require great graphic flexibility.

They usually show the company logo, some additional logos of certification institutes (quality, compliance with regulations, etc.), squaring lines and partial text highlighting with bold and font change.

In some cases, however, it is useful to insert one or more images to support the printed data in the document.

The need is especially felt in the context of documents related to production, where it is necessary to provide the staff with a photograph or a drawing of the product itself in addition to technical specifications or price.

This, in general, helps to reduce possible errors and misunderstandings in the interpretation of the object to be produced.

The documents where it is most useful to insert an image of the product are those related to the processing of the product itself: internal production orders, orders to third parties, stock withdrawals, etc…

If the management software does not allow the incorporation of the image of the product in the prints of the documents, Validoc can make up for this gap.

Images are usually placed in a network folder by marketing or production.

Validoc acquires them, uploads them to the AS/400 (iSeries – System i – IBM i) and makes them available to the printing process for incorporation into the document.

Immagini dinamiche in stampa

The system automatically updates new or modified images, with an upload to the AS400 scheduled on a regular basis.

You can resize images and manage them in black and white or color.

Images can be positioned at different points in the print by making the loaded image variable (“dynamic”) according to the situations of the print context.

For those who want to insert dynamic images only in PDF documents, it is possible to embed them in the document by capturing them directly from a PC network, without uploading them to the AS400 system.

With the function of “dynamic images”, Validoc helps you to reduce human errors in production management and, therefore, to be more efficient and with lower costs.

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