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Validoc allows you to save documents produced from AS/400 (iSeries – IBM i) prints in network folders on Server, Nas/San and IFS.

By allowing you to save documents on PC network, with the automatic construction of the folders containing them, Validoc realizes a first level of storage and consultation of these documents.

Searching for documents by browsing network folders or using Windows’ “Search” function, however, may be impractical.

It would be better to have a more advanced search tool based on document identification elements.

Validoc meets this need by providing research programs and document visualization, thus offering basic functions of Document Management.

Each time you save a document, Validoc records the data of this save: path, file name, saved document features and its references.

Once you have completed the document creation path, you can use a query program that we provide both in the PC and in the AS/400 environment to search and view the saved documents.

Here below, you can see two images of the two query programs (PC and AS/400) with the selection window, for the query of documents, open (click on the image to enlarge):

Ricerca documenti
Ricerca documenti

Query programs allow “From” “To” searches on documents. It’s possible to query based on the name of the document, the date of creation, or the ten possible references.

The documents, once detected, can be viewed with the default viewer on the PC (in the case of PDF it is, in general, Adobe Reader) as shown in the images below.

Visualizzazione documenti ricercati
Visualizzazione documenti ricercati

To facilitate the integration with the management software, a query API is provided in the AS/400 area. This API can be called by other AS/400 programs of the management and return the document data (references, network saving path, document name, etc.) or directly display the document with the default display program provided on the PC for that type of document.