Digitally sign documents from AS/400

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Validoc’s Digital Sign module digitally signs documents created from AS/400 prints (iseries – System i – IBM i) via other Validoc modules.

The documents can be signed in PDF and XML formats but, also, Tiff, Txt, etc.

Firma digitale documento da AS400

Type of signature

The Digital Sign module is able to sign documents, created by Validoc starting from the AS/400 prints, according to the Cades, Pades and Xades standards.

Cades and Pades are standards suitable for replacement preservation processes.

Xades is the standard required by the Public Administration to sign the invoice’s XMLs.

The signature is acquired via classic tokens or digital signature smart cards.

The choice of the type of signature or certificate to be used is decided on the AS/400 system while the signing process takes place in the PC environment.

It is possible to sign with different certificates in different ways for the various documents that you have to sign.

All Validoc processes such as saving the document to network folders and sending it via email or PEC also remain applicable to signed documents.

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