Price of Validoc

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“Validoc” is sold with a price list divided by modules of the product (Printing, PDF-Tiff, etc.).

The price of the individual modules is determinated by the number of the users of the AS/400 system (IBM i – iSeries) in which the software is installed.

It is possible to buy the “Validoc” solution starting from 890 euros (vat not inclusive).

Purchasing more modules, substituting a previous solution and buying multiple copies, are some of the grounds for a discount on the final price.

A specific licence is available for backup systems for high reliability.

We invite you to download the product for a trial, and if you are satisfied, to ask by e-mail or by voice, without any formal commitment, for a sales offer detailing your number of users, AS/400 system users, and the desired modules.

If you are a software house or an IT consultant interested in the resale of the product, please read the page Resale and contact us for the details.