Chinese characters in the AS/400 prints.

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Validoc allows you to print Chinese, Korean, Japanese language, etc. (double-byte fonts) characters from your mangement software in the AS/400 environment (iSeries – System i – IBM i).

The characters of these languages, more complex in their management than the single-byte characters of Western languages, are loaded on the AS400 system with the input methods provided by the video interfaces (Client Access and the like).

This data is then always saved in database’s fields in the double-byte format (for example: CCSID 13488).

The programs of the management softwares print this data in print fields, also in double-byte, within AFPDS prints.

The AFPDS spool, is intercepted by Validoc, accompanied by the expected graphics, enriched with barcodes, font changes, images and other settings has now been set for printing.

The double byte characters are managed and printed in the positions provided and correctly reported in PDF documents.

Validoc does not need an external font with double byte characters as it already has all the necessary font encoding inside.

Below, an example of a document where parts in Chinese language were printed by Validoc.

If you want to learn more about printing with double-byte characters click here (italian version).